Big Girl Box


This wee number is a great gift for the ashamed herdsman. If you have a friend who likes women on the larger side then this gift will surely awaken the tiger behind his fly.

Features: durable labia, no flour required, clean corn hole.

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Best Customer Comment

  1. I have a fairly large penis. I'm not bragging, since that's actually a liability when it comes to sex toys, and makes it fairly easy to rip/destroy the things. That said, the cushioning provided by this toy (more like life aid) mimics the suppleness, tactility, and comfort of a real big girl's womb. Just like with a real thick/chunky girl, the rolls of stomach fat can be felt while you're deep inside of the pussy, offering a kind of pleasure that the bodies of skinnier girls just can't afford. The material feels quite lifelike, and were I to close my eyes while screwing this thing, it would frankly be impossible to tell the difference between this toy and my last chunky conquest (I miss you, Emily).

    Last but not least, I need to stress in this review that the weight of the combination vagina/thighs, and belly feels real. Occasionally I will rest the clitoral area of the toy over my mouth and masturbate, and the feeling of female weight is uncannily similar to having a real big girl sit on one's face ( I think the official term is queening). Admittedly, sometimes I get so excited with the thing resting on my face that I risk auto-asphyxiating (which is a pleasurable enough sensation in itself), but if the Wildfire April Flores Cyberskin (TM) Voluptuous Vagina (say that ten times fast) ends up killing me, there are worse ways to go. Admittedly, after the cops find my body I might end up as some “News of the Weird/Darwin Award” joke fatality, but I was born by the vagina and have no compunctions about dying from the same.