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Child’s Worst Nightmare

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These anti-smacking child laws have made it difficult to discipline troublesome children. When I raise my hand at a child I am no longer treated to the fear in their eyes – instead I get a challenge… “hit me, do it, see what happens”.

Well I'll show you what happens now you little shit. Nightmares.

Attach this mask-like-object on the outside of your child's bedroom window at nighttime, talk about how there is a “child snatcher” on the loose and they should not look outside. Of course they will look and when they do, they will get the fright of their life.

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Best Customer Comment

  1. For some reason everyone just loves this little guy. Looks great. You can use it for different occasions, not just Halloween. Works especially good when you tell your kids that if they don’t behave, the boogie man will get them. If they’re bad, just put this on their window at night lol. Scared the begezus out of my cat. He took one look at it, shot 15 feet in the air and took off. Didn’t see him for a week. We he finally showed himself, he’d built me a man-cave in the basement, fully stocked with a 115″ wide screen LCD, a full bar and furniture. He cooks my dinner for me now and cleans his cat box.