Do you have friends? Or know people?


What is a better way to show how much you acknowledged these people than by sending something to them?

I spend my free time finding offensive, sexual, shit and funny gift ideas for everyone to use when it’s time to get a gift (or if you want to piss someone off).

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Which expression are you seeking from your gift recipient?

Feeling of disembowelment

Is it time to destroy someone? Have they not been showing you the respect you deserve? I understand, when my friends forget to show me respect I leave my fecal matter hidden in precarious locations throughout their house or send one of these offensive gifts.

Offensive Gift Ideas

Feeling of arousal

Sometimes you might want to do something nice for a friend, but not too nice. Or you maybe you are looking for a gift idea that will thrust them into an awkward situation when it’s time to open gifts? I don’t care, each to their own!

Sexual Gift Ideas

Feeling of betrayal

I’ve always loved receiving packages, opening packages or gifts can be exciting when you don’t know what’s inside – you hope it’s something good so you don’t have to pretend too hard that you like it – good luck feigning a happy face with this shit.

Shit Gift Ideas

Feeling of euphoria

Everyone likes a good laugh or making people laugh, these gifts may get a rise out of someone (or completely confuse them which will make you laugh). There are too many obvious gag gifts out there – no one even considers strange items.

Funny Gift Ideas